Tattoo Makeup Rotary Machine Bayonet Needles Eyebrow Lip Pen

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Tattoo makeup Rotary Machine Bayonet Needles Eyebrow Lip Pen

Model Number:1002341

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Yilong Tattoo Supply

Tattoo makeup Rotary Machine  Bayonet Needles Eyebrow Lip Pen

1) Automatic eyebrow tattoo pen permanent eyebrow pencil
2) Skin safe for eyebrow permanent eyebrow pencil
3) Cross lock needles, the needle won't shake after locked 
4) Use with the paste pigment,its the maily tools in the eyebrow operation. 
5) Easy to cope with, not easy to damage.
6) The 3d pen fits for all kinds of standard 3d microblading needles. 
7) Long time use


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