Yilong Tattoo 5cm Cohesive Bandages 9120097

Product Details

Cohesive Bandages


Self-adherent, cohesive wrap sticks to itself but not to skin, hair or dressings. Can be applied to provide light compression if desired. Pain free removal that will not damage fragile skin. Comfortable, porous and lightweight construction encourages patient compliance.


Each bandage is individually wrapped and is generally used to go around tattoo grips for extra comfort, but can also be used for wrapping up a tattoo.


Individual Packing, 1-50pcs, $0.85/pcs, 24pcs/box, $20.4/box


Bandage size & length: 25mm wide and 4.5M length and 50mm wide and 4.5M length.


Available in colors: Purple, White,Skin, Brown, Red, Orange, Green, Forest Green, Blue, Black

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