Tattoo Machine 10 Wrap Coils

Product Details

Tattoo machine 10 wrap coils.

Model number:1102119

[grade]: middle and high grade

[material]: Cast Iron

[weight]: 220g

[coil]: 10 coils

[capacitance]: 50V 47uF

Frequency: 28000 revolutions / points

Working voltage starting voltage: professional tattoo machine series 3V starts, 6--9v can work.

[production technology]: Advanced tattoo machine (Master level) tattoo machine.

[packing specification]: (L) 10.5X (B) 8.5X (H) 4cm

[Characteristics]: fashionable, fine workmanship and accessories.

1, the cutting tattoo machine fog tattoo machine one machine

2, smooth appearance, fine workmanship.

3, the performance of the large coil is stable.

4, 6 hours of work is not hot.

5, the fog is neat, the cut line is fine and easy to get into the color.

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