Pro Tattoo Rotary Machine

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Pro Rotary Tattoo Machine


With the outstanding features of Less weight,fluently running and less painful for skin,the rotary machine is demanded by more and

more tattoo artists.Based on the demands,our technician is dedicated to produce out the technical rotary machines.Setting up the

cooperation with the leader on designs and produces.This machine is set up with the durable rotary,installed on the steel



Excellent futures:


(1).The vice clamp most excellent for tighten the tubes.

(2).Clipcord System apply with the conventional spring clip cord.

(3).It has the flexible steel spring and like armature bar.

(4).Working voltage at 4‐7V.Powerful turning but lowest vibrates

(5).Two steel rails for the rubber bands enhance the needles.

(6).Easyily set up for liner and shader.


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